Acquiring Strength



There are countless numbers of people today who find themselves under the pressure, stress, and anxiety of the modern world. Unfortunately, there is such a strong focus on progressing that the difficulties people have to learn to work around are often left behind and not addressed. Instead of raising students who can bud and blossom into beautiful, healthy, mindful adults, we are finding more and more students in a rut of social ignorance.



Artist Patrick Hershberger, aka Bonus Saves, has been working to help teens in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who struggle with mental health challenges. Many of these students have come to find that working with Bonus Saves has helped them to find the strength to stand up against those who have hurt them through misunderstandings and ignorance. These teens work to help others who have been mistreated because of their differing mental challenges. The group aims to advocate to better support youths in their positions.




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