Murals, Masks, and Muses

Murals, Masks, and Muses

Previously I have worked with elementary students to build mixed media character masks. These masks were influenced by sculptural facial structures used in masks from China and Alaska, so I am always curious about how other places in the world deal with creatively expressing faces.

Being in Chicago has brought my attention to graffiti artists around the city. There are a number of graffiti artists who work work typography and text-based. It is rare to walk around and see street art that involves faces, figures, and realism in such ways as this.

Murals,Masks, Muses

This artist is a Brazilian street artist who created a piece in LA showing homage to great minds. Pieces like this make me wonder who would my inspiration be? Who would be my muse?

Murals,Masks,Muses2 Murals,Masks,Muses3


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